Hold onto your CASH!!!!!!!! People all over the world say NOOOOOOO to CBDC!!! Why the Hell is Trump pushing Digital Wallets???????? Trump is part of the New World Order. Face it. He was SELECTED a long time ago to fulfill his part in pushing the American People to become slaves. Now he is out and out wanting people to by Stupid Digital CARDS. How slow can people be??????? He is as anti American as anyone could get only he is a coward and hides behind a FACADE! He laughs behind people’s backs. If he was so Bright and so Pro American, do you think we would be where we are today????????? Where is the pedo proof??????? Where are the videos. The EBS? NOTHING! CRICKETS! It’s going to be Biblical when all these assholes get dragged by THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Including the controlled opposition!!!!!!! Oh maybe The Galactic Alien LIZARDS will come and bring Cheetos for Christmas and everybody’s Frequencies will soar to 900!!!!!!! Silent RUNNING!!!!!!! WAKEY WAKEY!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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