RUSSIA and UKRAINE are DECOYS!!! Do you think the Psychopaths want you to focus on the Poison Fake Vaccine that is dropping People like flies???????? They KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME. THEY PREPARED FOR THIS TIME BY PUTTING OUT TWITTER, KAYNE, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, FOOD SHORTAGES, GAS SHORTAGES, MONEY RESET, EVERYTHING THEY COULD THINK OF TO STOP THE PEOPLE FROM REVENGING THE DEATH OF THEIR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS!!!! Think of the resources and money, the people they influenced to be demons to kill others. They are AFRAID OF YOU!!! AND THEY SHOULD BE!!!!!!!! GOD will not be happy that his Creations allowed his children to be slaughtered by the Devil and the Fallen Fucking Angels!!! He cast them down and he Expects his people to have his back!!!!!!! FOR GOD! FOR MANKIND! FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!!!! GO FORTH AND SLAY THE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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