It is interesting how all this ritual abuse has come out just as the economy is collapsing so THEY can reset it once again to Their advantage. People are dying from a Fake Covid and a Fake Vaccine amidst the end of Money as we know it. Chaos and confusion can paralyze people to not be able to act upon an injustice. This is a Known response to fight or flight. After lulling a population with Myths of a Great Military who will defend them, a 9/11 comes along and destroys that lie. But attention is short in this new era of digital commands and the lesson gets lost as time goes by. And so we now have a do or die scenario and all Americans do is Die. Even as people are killed by a Fake Vaccine. Even knowing that the Fake Elite eat babies and torture them. Even as they step over other human beings in the streets. The Stealers of all their monies go about their lives, golfing and rearranging their artwork. What Can One Say? The Time Is Now News

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