I would not hold your breath waiting for TREASON CHARGES to be levied against anyone. They all work TOGETHER including Twitter people, past and PRESENT! Russia is in Cahoots with China. They will destroy and take over America without firing a shot. No Nukes, nothing. It’s called INFILTRATION and it already happened. Look at the Homeless, the Businesses that went down, Foreclosures, debt, inflation, ratty looking cities and roads, airports, weakened Military. No security on our Military Bases. 5G, schools that produce kids who cannot do math, learn no history. A Gay agenda that only serves to debilitate any Strength physically and morally. THIS my Fellow Americans is how THEY take down a country like America. The Men are too SOY BOY to hunt down the enemies. The Media is also called TRUTHERS. Nobody is fighting child abuse. It’s all a RUSE! While you hoped and dreamed of White Hats with names like Juan, coming and saving everybody, THEY were already through the gates. You have been HAD! Is there time to save anything good? Not unless you rise a thousand fold like Brazil and what’s left of our Military STANDS UP!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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