Do we have to take a side in order to keep our Freedoms??? Who cares what Democrats or Republicans think??? Who cares what Trump says? Who cares? Every single one of them has thrown Americans under the bus! The Military has been evil ever since they let the Satanists in the Pentagon. Now they are DESTROYING the entire Military after they have used it to enact Fake Wars and make illegal money!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, THERE IS ONLY A GOVERNMENT FULL OF ANTI AMERICAN POS THAT ARE KILLING AMERICANS TO HAND HER OVER TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you think Biden, Trump, all of them allowed China to buy real estate, Land and import Plastic goods instead of manufacturing right here in AMERICA!!!! They put Americans into debt, infiltrated our police stations, and CHINA played a part in the FAKE COVID so they could kill with Fake Vaccines and weaken Americans and her military, etc…. It all points back to the CCP. TRUMP AND BIDEN are filthy rich beyond what they should be. All Trump’s kids have Hundred thousands of Million dollar mansions. The Chinese did not take the same poison Fake vaccine Americans got! Who is the red light over the White House? The “Red” Chinese that’s who. They are in the White House AS WE SPEAK. Americans came too late to the party. Thanks Trump, Biden, Gates, Soros, Fink and all the governors and congress, Supreme Court. Thanks A LOT. The Time Is Now News

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