Barr, Ivanka Trump say they knew there was no voter fraud in 2020 election. It has now been TWO YEARS SINCE THE 2020 ELECTION. Trump comes out with announcements every so often that never amount to a hill of beans. Are we to believe that NO ONE with any authority within the law has taken up the torch of a stolen election? NO ONE??????? What happened to Sidney Powell? Has she been kidnapped and taken to the Island of the Misfits??????? People usually have a sense of being wronged. And yet no Americans took to the streets like in BRAZIL. What does that mean? Does it point to a Pied Piper named Trump? NO we can’t stand Joey Biden but Trump never contested the vote. He got on a plane and flew away. With Trump there is never any commitment either way so it is left to Interpretation. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He pushed the dangerous fake vaccine. Death and Destruction happened on his watch. He essentially got THE BALL ROLLING! Everyone needs to take a step back and proceed with discernment. Pray. The Devil will not look like the Devil. The Time Is Now News

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