ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done about this child ritual abuse!!!!! Everyone is still walking about like they are home free. No one got locked up!!!! No one has been arrested or hung!!!!!! No One has paid any price for wrecking all The People’s lives and abusing the children!!!!!! This Charlie Ward, Timothy Holmseth, Nino, even KAPPY( rip if your really dead) is all shit!!!!!!!! It is a psycological ploy to damage the minds of Normal People by exposing them to graphic deviant photos and scenarios. This is just another TACTIC used by the Satanists. You see, they do not have to even DO ANYTHING, all they have to do is IMPLY! That is the beauty of intregrating yourself so far into a system that people rely on. They will believe what they are told, especially if you tell them to hate those they know control their lives. It is elementary. Not to say, bad stuff doesn’t happen, BUT every once in a while you must throw out some candy to the spectators. Give them something to rally against, bitch and moan. It Unites them. Look how USEFUL it was for Trump! And then we have Q! WOW, JUST WOW! Maybe they all deserve a round of applause and perhaps some admiration for such great deceit. The Time Is Now News

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