If I were on the HUNT for the pedos I would look at the videos and channels that get HUGE amounts of Viewers and Subscribers on Bitchute and other social sites. They have to artificially be given a wide berth to do their trafficking. This is how it operates. ” Truthers” are the new game show hosts to facilitate child abuse. Messaging, locations and codes throughout their videos serve the Ritual Abuse community. Occasionally they throw in a Verifiable? Witch to get people to Believe in Witches. They gaslight, they deflect and they have been funded by very bad people. This is why many do not need to sell stuff. Some have cozied up to a certain Politician whom is referred to as the Father of the Fake Vaccine. This puts him smack in the middle of the Pedos. They already make money from the traffickers so their solicitations are without vigor. By the way, Bitchute runs out of Europe. They are right in the thick of Child Trafficking. Be Careful what you fall for.

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