THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!! THE REASON THEY ARE BOMBARDING THE PUBLIC WITH NEWS: FUEL, BLACKOUTS, FOOD SHORTAGES, TWITTER, NO CARS ANYMORE, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, INFLATION, ALL OF IT IS TO DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE SUDDEN DEATHS AND THE KILLER FAKE VACCINES!!!!!!!!! They are afraid, with good reason, of THE PEOPLE coming after them with Pitchforks and Nooses. They Kill children for entertainment. They drink Blood. They have Poisoned the population. There is no place for them to HIDE!!!!!!! MONEY will not save them!!!!!!!! Their Blood Money is worthless to THE PEOPLE!!!! Billions have been poisoned and they want to hide it now. There will Be NO COVERING UP FOR THIS GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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