I will say it again, THERE IS NO COVID!!! THEY WOULD NEVER RELEASE SOMETHING THAT COULD ALSO EFFECT THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!!!! They made it all up!!!!! Words can be used to cast spells and they cast a COVID SPELL over the world. Some are not easily influenced and witchcraft has no results on them. If you WANT to believe you will. When you find out there is no Santa, you can still believe if you choose to. People chose to believe something they could not see around them. Instead they should have chose to have FAITH IN GOD whom they can not see either. Faith has been tested and The Demons did not think God’s Children could stand against the devil BUT they were proven WRONG!!!!!!!!! Now they know and they will be cast down forever. Standing with a liar and deceiver like Satan will get you a one way ticket to HELL Everytime!!!!!! He didn’t save famous people from dying when they got the kill shot. Even though many ” sold their soul” he will sacrifice them and they will burn in hell. Satan does not like or love ANYBODY!!!!!!!! He uses people. Also, Satan has NO JURISDICTION IN THE HEAVENS! Those who follow him go down, down, DOWN!!!!!!! THERE IS NO COVID!!! The Fake Vaccine is POISON!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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