🚨🚨🚨 Written by a New Zealander. 6-month-old baby Will in New Zealand urgently requires surgery for a heart condition. Will’s parents requested that the blood used during his operation be from donors that did not receive the experimental Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

Will’s parents took it upon themselves to find donors of the correct blood type who were not vaccinated, and who were approved for paediatric blood use according to the requirements in NZ Blood’s clinician’s handbook.

However the New Zealand government of Jacinda Ardern opposed this and the matter was put before the courts who found in favour of the government and last night (8 December 2022) baby Will was forcibly removed from his parents’ custody by the New Zealand Police to undergo surgery scheduled for 8am Friday 9 December using blood from the health system stockpile which is likely affected by the mRNA injections.

As a New Zealand citizen I am shocked, disgusted and ashamed at what my country has become. Under the leadership of the criminal Jacinda Ardern, what was a beautiful, quiet little corner of the world, inhabited by friendly, peace-loving people has become a brutal medical dictatorship and vassal state of the World Economic Forum.

Learn more about the case of baby Will: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/statements/baby-will-new-zealand

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