Every State has a Constitution! And there are no provisions for taking over a person’s personal healthcare! Read them yourselves! Go online and READ THEM! There was No pandemic but if there is ever one they STILL CANNOT FORCE YOU TO WEAR A MASK OR LOCKDOWN OR TAKE A FAKE VACCINE!!!!!!!! The Who WAS NOT ELECTED. THEY ARE PART OF THE UNITED NATIONS JUST LIKE THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM! THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS AND CANNOT DICTATE WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR HEALTH OR YOUR MONEY!!! THEY ARE LYING THINKING YOU WILL BELIEVE THEY CAN! THEY CANNOT!!!!!!!!!! ARREST THESE HEATHENS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE MURDERED CHILDREN AND PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! CITIZENS ARREST!!! DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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