For all we know Hunter’s Laptop doesn’t exist. If they show you how much they can get away with, your hope for justice will get chipped away at leaving you despondent and gloomy. Some of the news may be true or not true at all but you will think you are living in a nightmare movie, one you can’t escape. It is better to know that they have created this matrix and they can put in any storyline they want to. Maybe people are not dying from the fake vaccine. There is no Laptop from hell. Hillary did not do frazzledrip. No Sandyhook. 9/11 was a detonation. No food shortage. No climate change. No Covid. No MRNA. Maybe some poison in some Fake Vaccine lots. People have become too weak to think. They don’t care if they are fooled. Maybe it is all fear porn. You will all die from fright.

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