They have Arsenic in injectables because they use it for Leukemia, and people use it to kill themselves apparently. It does everything that all the injected are being effected by. It is HARD to detect. It is readily available. It kills babies in the womb, it crosses the Placenta. It hurts the heart. It gives Guillain-barre paralysis, what Beiber has and MANY have. Seizures, vibrations, tremors. It wreaks havoc in the blood, and all organs. Skin diseases, sickness, poor health on and on and on. And it causes CANCERS!!!!!!!!!!! It can kill right off or develop horrible things later. This is what is in the Fake vaccines. THEY knew what it would do so they never tested it. It is a POISON!!!!!!!! They can test for it in the Hair, Blood and Urine. The Time Is Now News

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