There is ORGANIC ARSENIC and there is INORGANIC ARSENIC. ORGANIC Arsenic is naturally in some water sources and the earth, and wood. But The Inorganic Arsenic is more sinister. THESE PEOPLE ARE KILLERS!!!!!!! They already mass produced Inorganic Arsenic so they were able to make the Fake poison Vaccines Really Quick and then we have the Warp Speed Operation. They LITERALLY ARE POISONING THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! They thought under emergency use they could get away with ” MRNA” Fake Vaccines and people would say ‘ OH WELL” I guess they tried. BUT THE MRNA is a ruse. They have never been able to make MRNA VACCINES. BUT They knew ARSENIC, POISON, could NEVER be DEFENDED because it’s Called POISON for a reason. And being hard to detect unless you knew what you were looking for, would be perfect. Spike proteins are only toxic cells expelled from the body. IT’S ARSENIC ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!! THEY POISONED EVERYONE! Some people did not feel well but their body reacted better than others. Many Drugs interact with Arsenic. So people on medications were never asked if they were on something and Bingo, Huge Reactions. Arsenic goes to every organ, It causes miscarriages. It causes everything that people who took the shot are encountering!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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