It seems to me that the MONARCHY along with the Jewish banker families and the Vatican have pulled the United States, DC, into their little den of Vipers. Now they are purposely crashing THEIR illegal money system and bringing us a WORSE money system. How can it be worse you ask? Well if you can’t even control your own spending habits, that is Pretty Bad. No you can’t have potato chips, opt for the crunchy crickets instead because otherwise you get NO SNACKS!!!!!!! Have fun watching your television with all programs about the CCP, eating your rice 3 times a day and living on the street when your money card goes red!!!!!!!! NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOTHING! An existence of slavery, that’s it!!!!! ALL because you wimped out and wouldn’t stand up for yourself or your families!!!!!!! Here stick out your arm for more Arsenic Injections!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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