MORE THAN 1 PER WEEK – ARMY SOLDIERS DIED SUDDENLY AT FORT BRAGG. Note these are the deaths at just one of thousands of military bases and ships. They stopped counting after June 2021. The Presidents of the United States have MURDERED our best and brightest!!!!!!!!! This is TREASON!!!! Trump and Biden have killed our Military and made us vulnerable to Foreign Armies. They and they alone were RESPONSIBLE for the Military. We cannot abandon those whom have answered the call to protect and defend THE PEOPLE! This calls for hangings. THERE IS NO WAY GETTING AROUND THIS. THERE IS NO SUGAR COATING THESE MANDATED MURDERS. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO PROCEED TOWARD JUSTICE. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News click on to see video

THE BOOSTERS WERE CRUCIAL to get as much Arsenic into the body as possible and eventually kill everyone. Genocide complete. That is why they did TWO shots. They pushed more and more boosters. They may be putting Arsenic into the Flu vaccines Right Now. Maybe in every vaccine. It’s all poison garbage to do as much carnage as possible. They will starve you, POISON YOU and threaten you because they HATE YOU!!!! STAND UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

There is ORGANIC ARSENIC and there is INORGANIC ARSENIC. ORGANIC Arsenic is naturally in some water sources and the earth, and wood. But The Inorganic Arsenic is more sinister. THESE PEOPLE ARE KILLERS!!!!!!! They already mass produced Inorganic Arsenic so they were able to make the Fake poison Vaccines Really Quick and then we have the Warp Speed Operation. They LITERALLY ARE POISONING THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! They thought under emergency use they could get away with ” MRNA” Fake Vaccines and people would say ‘ OH WELL” I guess they tried. BUT THE MRNA is a ruse. They have never been able to make MRNA VACCINES. BUT They knew ARSENIC, POISON, could NEVER be DEFENDED because it’s Called POISON for a reason. And being hard to detect unless you knew what you were looking for, would be perfect. Spike proteins are only toxic cells expelled from the body. IT’S ARSENIC ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!! THEY POISONED EVERYONE! Some people did not feel well but their body reacted better than others. Many Drugs interact with Arsenic. So people on medications were never asked if they were on something and Bingo, Huge Reactions. Arsenic goes to every organ, It causes miscarriages. It causes everything that people who took the shot are encountering!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

OKAY, here’s the deal. Hunter’s Laptop from Hell connects Biden with the CCP!!!! They don’t care about Child Porn on it or crack pipes. They wanted to hide that Biden and OUR GOVERNMENT is in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. They take money from the CCP to throw America under the fucking Bus!!!! GET IT??????? Who do you think is calling the shots? Not Biden or Obama. CHINA is governing the USA RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! You had better stand up because your screwed if you don’t! AMERICA, HOME OF THE SNIVELING COWARDS, BITCHES FOR THE CCP AND WORLD LOSERS WHO HAD GUNS AND WOULDN’T USE THEM!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

It seems to me that the MONARCHY along with the Jewish banker families and the Vatican have pulled the United States, DC, into their little den of Vipers. Now they are purposely crashing THEIR illegal money system and bringing us a WORSE money system. How can it be worse you ask? Well if you can’t even control your own spending habits, that is Pretty Bad. No you can’t have potato chips, opt for the crunchy crickets instead because otherwise you get NO SNACKS!!!!!!! Have fun watching your television with all programs about the CCP, eating your rice 3 times a day and living on the street when your money card goes red!!!!!!!! NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOTHING! An existence of slavery, that’s it!!!!! ALL because you wimped out and wouldn’t stand up for yourself or your families!!!!!!! Here stick out your arm for more Arsenic Injections!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

We don’t have to follow all of Kanye’s antics BUT we can Acknowledge that the Jewish Bankers have robbed us through a Usury system ( which is ILLEGAL) that keeps people poor and them rich. AND NOW they have a social credit digital currency that will Degrade and ruin Society!!!! This must end. The ADL are the Gatekeepers for the Jewish Money Mafia. It is what it is. Not all Jewish people are bad but the bankers are bad. And they are not that smart. They can use sneaky tactics but that doesn’t take brains just low character. The Time Is Now News The meaning of USURY is the lending of money with an interest charge for its use; especially : the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates.

This is important! If the CCP can FORCE CHINESE HUMAN BEINGS to STARVE, TAKE TESTS AND FAKE INJECTIONS, Make them HOMELESS and go to Detention Camps, take their kids, disappear them, then when they have completed this nightmare, guess where they will go next???????? The Hardest by sheer numbers is China to whip them into compete slaves. America will be easy in comparison. Australia is in the sites as we speak. Canada is targeted by the CCP right NOW!!!! Who’s next???????????? THE USA!!!!!!! Biden and DC stand with the CCP!!!!!!!! Don’t you get it??? Your life will be Hell on earth!!!!!!!! The enemy Government in US is working WITH THE CCP!!!!! NOT WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

FUCK BIDEN and CONGRESS!!!!!! They take our money and send it to UKRAINE,( funneling it back to themselves) And leave CHINA with NO HELP!!!!!!!! They are all commies and they are the People’s enemies!!!!!! The US Government is PATHETIC! WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOW THE GOVERNMENT! WE NEED TO HELP CHINA!!!!!! AMERICA IS THE CCP NOW! HOW do you like that Americans???? GET UP and Get rid of the CCP!!!!!!!!!!!! Act like Americans!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!

MILLIONS OF CHINESE PUSHED INTO HOMELESSNESS THROUGH VAX 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 PASSPORTS TURNING RED!!!!!! Instead of looking at Kanye and Elon on TWITTER, CARE ABOUT what the Gestopo around the world is doing!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW for The World people to get relief to the Chinese People. Whatever it takes, they need guns, food, medicines, clothes and water, tea, coffee and the people around the world must get it into Chinese borders, By Foot, Airplane drops, Boats, Whatever!!!! If Tim Cook Interferes with their cell reception than go get COOK and drag him into the streets!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE MOMENT!!!!!!!! THE WORLD RISES!!!!!!!!!!!! WE FIGHT NOW!!!!!! SPEAK OUT! HELP THE CHINESE TO BE FREE AND YOU WILL WIN YOUR OWN FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News click on to see video…