WHY was the entire Congress, Staff and all Government Departments EXEMPT FROM GETTING THE FAKE COVID VACCINE????? BUT THEY WILL SAY” I GOT THE FAKE VACCINE AND YOU SHOULD GET IT TOO.” Even though we know they did not get it!!!!!!!!!!! Are THEY MORONS and cannot remember what they told us??? I fear THE PEOPLE have given far too much credit to the Government and the Tech guys and the Bankers. They are actual idiots. Everything they touch gets screwed up. Has it occurred to THE PEOPLE that it was not all on purpose. They are Low IQ screw ups. If Elon Musk was such a genius, why does he have to use it as a precursor to everywhere he goes? It is all made up BULLSHIT! Should the people worldwide take the reins in order to save from the rubble these idiots have reduced our lives to? Yes WE SHOULD!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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