If I swallow a piece of graphene or step on a sliver of graphene will I become radioactive when I stand next to my microwave????? If a kid swallows a penny, what happens? How can you not SEE graphene in a vial? Without your DNA intact, can you survive? How can MRNA go to every cell in your body? Does it multiply? When the cell turnover happens would this get rid of the MRNA? How many Strands would be changed? The body automatically rids itself of foreign things. Would the body REJECT MRNA??? Of course it would. Will the body reject graphene? Of course it will. Whatever they killed the people with in the bad lots probably has more to do with a poisonous element like ARSENIC! The atomic number being 33!!!!! A steel grade Metal. It has always been difficult to detect death by arsenic. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE! I fear Arsenic was put into some Fake vaccine lots, thus we have the extreme injuries. Absolutely Horrific!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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