Did you know that I have the power to hack into your closet and bend your coat hangers???? You see not only can I change your coat hangers on the floor of your room, I can go UNDER the closet door and change them INSIDE your closet!!!!!!!! The World can no longer hide their closets. They will have NO free will to keep it messy or clean it up. We are the World Economic Forum and we can sneak, Hack, into your closets!!!!!!!!!! Be afraid! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!! I can take your money and you will do nothing about it!!!!!!! HA! I don’t think so!!!!!!!!! These people are Certifiable!!!! They are a Bad B movie, A joke, Losers and Misfits who never fit in. They are sad really. Unfortunately they are in the Charlie Manson Category and must all hang. Get your ROPE!!!!!! By Now Everyone should have their rope!!!!!!

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