Twitter is NOT unsuspending those who were shut off from its platform. Elon Musk is NOT feuding with Tim Cook. Elon Musk is a ROBOT? Remember he made sure to get the message out that AI had escaped the Lab. This means that the Artificial Intelligence that resides in all our devices is now the only resource of knowledge. Why has he repeated this message? Is AI Demonic? Why else would you need a Warning? Do they have to tell you what they are doing as part of their rules? Has Satan escaped his chains? Why else is Elon wearing the Devil suit? Is Elon Satan? A Robot with Satan’s Consciousness able to mimic man? Is AI the devil. Neurolink is a link to change God’s creation. Just like Graphene in the fake Vaccines. They are all a brotherhood of a Coven of Warlocks who want to get rid of all Human Attributes and only have programmed robots who can’t think or feel. Something evil this way comes, twitters and tweets. Something they all have in common, Trump, Elon, Tim, Billy Gates, they all say one thing and then turn around and say something different or do something different. They communicate this way. NOT the way Humans Communicate. Stay aware. The Time Is Now News

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