It has occurred to me that there are people who have DEVOTED their entire lives how to best Depopulate, kill others. While most dream of building houses or becoming a Dr., some want to cure cancer. Some dream of having a family, becoming a teacher, a great actor, a lawyer, a policeman. And then we have the Psychopaths. They dream of the perfect way to abort millions of babies and sterilize the children. They dream of making injections to weaken babies all the way up through their childhood. They dream of a way to KILL large portions of the world population and then take what money those who live have. THESE ARE MONSTERS! They are NOT elite, they are scum. They are not normal. They should be weeded out of society like the snakes they are. ARREST THESE DEMONIC KILLERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! NO MERCY!!!!!!!! GO AND GRAB THEM!!! THEY WILL BE SENTENCED QUICKLY AND THEIR PUNISHMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT. WE must act NOW! Healing will not come to The People until evil has been banished. The Time Is Now News

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