If Governments had done their jobs The People would not have to do it for them. WE THE PEOPLE need to conduct our OWN courts. Our Governments have been complicit in KILLING US!!!! Never forget that!!!!!! They are in bed with the New World Order, United Nations and Big Banks, Big Pharma. Without them all working in ” Lockstep ” this genocide would never have gotten off the ground. They must go. All of them. Get Ready People!!!!! During the revolution, many people sat and watched as they began being taxed on goods. They saw England enforcing their crooked ways into their lives. Here they were in America and they watched in horror. BUT A few Good men and women weren’t willing to let it happen. That is how we got the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These brave souls hid in the brush for years being hunted. It is not the glamour story you think it was. Today we are better equipped than the founding fathers were. THERE IS NO REASON TO BE BYSTANDERS AS OUR GREAT NATION FALLS!!!!!! FIND THE HEATHENS! MAKE AMERICA PROUD!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!! The Time Is Now News

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