I would like to expound on something I wrote about last night. I am really bothered by the fact that the US Military are given Poisonous fake vaccines when they have been shown to have no effect on transmission of the Fake Covid. So the Fake Vaccine is pointless. BUT my concern is, does the United Nation Army get the Fake Vaccine? The other major militaries probably DO NOT get Fake vaccines BUT do they include the UNITED NATION ARMY?????? I have a sneaky suspicion that only the AMERICAN MILITARY is FORCED to get the poison kill shot. Who would want to weaken the US Military? Where is Sidney Powell, General Flynn all the characters that talked with such Bravado when the fake election was fake stolen. Do they not give a shit about our Military????? It seems we have NO ONE who cares whether our soldiers live or die. When it comes to GENOCIDE, MUMS THE WORD! Make sure you take the Q Oath like a good little Moron but don’t question why we kill our own Military members, introduce them to homosexuality, brainwash them into blindly obeying immoral orders and harm themselves with a slew of untested, unnecessary fake vaccines that render them SICK and Homeless, having PTSD, after pumping them up with God only knows what!!!!!!! America needs her OWN MILITARY, run by THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! We have been infiltrated with enemies and can no longer trust the Military Industrial Complex. They sold us out a LONG time ago. If I were in the Fake military, I would take my training and weapons and form my own Militia. We are way past the point of not using our brains and only using our heads to hold helmets. THINK! The Time Is Now News

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