I have a question I would like to put forth to the American People. Is it ONLY the United States Military that is being forced to take the Fake Vaccine, or do OTHER Countries force THEIR militaries to take this Weapon Injection? If China does not give this kill shot to their Army or Israel does not force their Soldiers to take this poison, Or Russia does not give it to their Soldiers than HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! This would be an ideal way to incapacitate the US military and then go in with your own healthy soldiers to take over the US!!!!! They know Americans have guns. Americans are the largest Army in the world. But if the enemy Countries banded their HEALTHY NON SHOT ARMIES together, well, then what? So Trump and Biden knew all this would happen. WE CANNOT COUNT ON OUR MILITARY. IT HAS BEEN INFILTRATED WITH TRAITORS UNDER THE COMMAND OF TRAITOROUS PRESIDENTS! WAKEY, WAKEY! What do you say NOW AMERICA?????????? The Time Is Now News

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