THEY cannot do Digital Currency! They Cannot! One Blackout, one glitch, one hacker, one hack, one bad written code, Software programs with built in flaws, the lists goes on and on. THEIR Money will be put into others accounts. Look what happened to the EBT cards for poorer people. They scammed the system. People will always find a way to go around things. That’s what they do. Fake accounts will be all the rage. People can write code, javascript, do all kinds of mischievous tinkering and they WILL. That is why Cash was the best choice for all these years. They could see the money. Social credit can be switched. The Elite are becoming the Slaves. They are useless. They will lose all standing, all their money. They will not be able to order people around anymore and the table is flipping right now. Society has advanced. The assholes are not dealing with Peasants. The Slave Masters become The Slaves. It’s happening Now. The Time Is Now News

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