Okay, We know the Covid is not real. We know there are no such things as Viruses and the Fake vaccines have nothing to Fake vaccinate against. SOOOOOOOOO, Just what is real? Child Trafficking? They know but they can’t do anything about it?????????? They ( the Game inventors) go about their business as if all the wretched goings on were not really happening. Why? Is Fear the great Weapon? Are there Nukes? Are Satellites capturing our every movement. Why does every ” Government” Department come with their own Fear Porn Story? We are to fear the Tax Nazis. The Gestopo. Nukes. Graphene Hydroxide. CAN THEY MAKE ENOUGH GRAPHENE TO PUT INTO BILLIONS OF LITTLE BOTTLES BUT CAN’T BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE????????? WHAT????? HYDRA CREEPY CRAWLERS IN THE SHOTS, THAT CAN’T BE SEEN IN THE LITTLE BOTTLES? IS A SCARED POPULACE A CONTROLLED POPULACE? Is this why they Golf and Fine Dine because they know it’s all bullshit???? SHOW US!!!!!! PROVE TO US ALL THESE THINGS OR ELSE FADE AWAY INTO THE WOODWORK YOU FUCKING BULLSHITTERS!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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