I think that YE (Kayne), acted like he would go along to get along but they wanted him to sell his soul. He didn’t so they killed his Mom. He did become successful but he can’t stand their sorry asses now. There is NO WAY he is TROUBLED! That is bullshit!!! The ones calling him troubled are PSYCHOPATHS so you need to look at the sources. According to the Mental Sociopaths, everyone should be killed and it is okay to poison babies and children and innocent people. Trump is the one who made the FAKE KILLER VACCINE and he calls Ye Troubled????????? NONONONONO, it’s the other way around! Trump has lost all his credibility. No one believes him or trusts him. No one likes baby killers or poison salesmen. No thank you. Trump, you would do well to hide in a cave somewhere because the worst is yet to come. I am afraid things are going to get bad. And you are top of the list to blame for all the Fake Covid and Fake Vaccine Deaths. It’s just the way it is.

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