Every once in a while Mel Gibson throws out the old” They eat babies in Hollywood” and then Crickets. REALLY???????? REALLY MEL?????? Do other places like Bollywood have the same problem????? MEL GIBSON EXPLAIN YOURSELF?????? TRUMP SAYS WE MUST STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING. How does that snowball into Underground Dumbs and elaborate children kill centers? HOW???????? But people KNOW and YET they do NOTHING???? Is that possible? NO, IT IS NOT! Do we even have a Military? Is it all for show? They do nothing. We see strange War photos, that’s it. They don’t arrest ” treason” election people? They don’t arrest so called child killers. They help the government kill with fake vaccines. THIS IS THE MILITARY??????? Are there even cheating elections going on???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ALL LIES!!!!!!!! WE are to FEAR THE MILITARY even though they do nothing. Why do we fear ANYBODY? We are as equipped as the next guy. What, WE aren’t suppose to know that???????? The Police are to keep people in line. In LINE WITH WHAT???? Whose Line???? Their Line???? Where are the People’s line? BOHEMIAN GROVE! Need I say more? Somehow, wink wink, we know about this strange yearly event in the Trees. I WONDER WHY WE KNOW ABOUT IT!!! I REALLY DO! JUST ANOTHER WAY TO FREAK PEOPLE OUT AND SO THEY THINK OTHERS CAN GET AWAY WITH STUFF THEY CAN’T. KIND OF messing with the Psyche, don’t you think? When one knows something they can REASON correctly. When one is confused, made to feel helpless and question reality, they CANNOT REASON Correctly. There you have it. Therein lies the motive for all the Fake News from ALL SIDES. Which realm will you fall in? Reality or Fiction? I will give you a tip. Reality will give you a leg up in life. The Time Is Now News

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