Do the people in the MEDIA and those on Social Media have an AVERSION to REAL Human Beings??? Are they so repulsed by them that their killings are nothing to be spoken of or acknowledged in any way, shape or form? Are we in TWO separate Realities right now??? Is this how they think they will get away with it? Just ignore it and replace it with ELECTIONS and other irrelevant affairs? I don’t think so. Animosity is growing by the minute. Silence is never a good thing. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED! The People do not require adulation or recognition for what they consider the RIGHT THING to do. They do not think of themselves as small or stupid. They have a desire to enact revenge on behalf of their fellow man. They know they are Capable of Big Things. Keep ignoring the maiming and deaths by your Fake Covid and Fake Vaccines. Keep pretending you are significant. Keep acting as if you are free. YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE!!!! YOU WALK AS DEAD MEN!!!! YOU ARE SLAVES TO THE PEOPLE, YOU ARE BEING WATCHED AND PATROLLED AND WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE!!!!! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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