Trump had 4 years to clean up Child Trafficking. He let Q run wild. People focused on DUMBS. Underground systems. But no one said BOO about Social Media Sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. What about the Embassies? The United Nations? The World Economic Forum, all easy covert operations hidden in Global businesses. That was the COMMUNICATION for all their debauchery. Klaus is a pedo. Billy Gates is a pedo. They want a world where they control all the money and you will never be able to lift a finger to help the Children! Instead Trump aligned with these scum. But if you were an “Elite” would you REALLY throw your own under the bus? How would you afford your Mansions? If you even LIVED! It is NOT POSSIBLE to achieve billions of Dollars and live grandly without selling one’s soul. Those are EARTHLY things the Devil gives you to do his bidding. BUT he will DECEIVE you to trust someone untrustworthy. That is what THE DEVIL DOES.

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