There is a deeper reason why Libtards don’t want Conservatives on Twitter than just Political and Social Differences. They have been trafficking Children on these Social Sites. They have patterns, codes and messaging they have been using to sell Babies and Adrenochrome. They have CLUBS. They have a Pyramid of positions that do different jobs within the Trafficking circuit. The Celebrities and Fake Elites even swap their OWN children with other people. They are Satanic. They ritual abuse babies and children. They are DEMONIC and they come to you through their movies and shows to cast spells to bring Demons into your homes. That is how they got people to take the Fake Vaccine. The News people are demonic, not human beings like we think are humans. They must all be eliminated. Trump gave them the go ahead to work their black magic on The People when he brought the Evil Fauci onboard and gave lockdown permissions to the evil Governors. When he made the ventilators that killed INNOCENT PEOPLE. When he pretended we needed tents and SHIPs for the FAKE overflow of Fake Covid Patients! Warp speed was another Demonic operation. All made up numbers. Where’s Cuomo? On an island soaking up the sun? Where’s Trump? In Florida Golfing while people are maimed and killed from his Warp Speed? IS THAT NORMAL OR HUMAN???? TRUMP, BIDEN AND OBAMA ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS. THEY ARE DEMONS. YOU ARE FIGHTING DEMONIC SPIRITS!!!!!!!!!!! They must be stopped!!!!!! They say Fire kills demons. They do not want to go to hell. When they die, and they will, they will go to HELL. So they try to prolong with Transhumanism. But it is failing. They drink Adrenochrome but it is failing. THEY WILL DIE AND GO TO THE FIRE IN HELL FOR ETERNITY. NOTHING THAT IS NOT OF GOD WILL SUCCEED! THEY WILL DIE! THEY WILL DIE! THEY WILL DIE!

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