Could it be TRUMP set himself up to be the Underdog? The Victim? To be the recipient of ill feelings and INSULTS from people whose JOB IT IS TO ACT???? Would that be a way to get people to feel bad for you and support you, and then in a sly, underhanded way, BETRAY those same supporters? Then step aside and let a transparent Baddie step in, do more damage and go in for ONE MORE TIME to finish the GLOBAL plan. Would Hitler be this sneaky? Would all the ” Leaders” do this to position themselves to go in for The Kill? Have THE PEOPLE been too Trusting? Too Busy to notice a wolf in sheep’s clothing among them? Who pushed the VACCINES after saying he didn’t like vaccines. Does Trump talk out of two sides of his mouth? Come to DC he said. If you came to Dc you are a terrorist he said. I will do a Vaccine study. No I will befriend Billy Gates and embrace all Vaccines. I will lock up Clinton. No, that was a silly campaign promise he told a supporter. Trump is two sided and that is how he does it. He throws it ALL out there and whomever he catches in the net he uses for power and energy. Like a Vampire. He feeds off from MAGA. And they have nothing left to think straight. This is a Demonic Energy Grab. You have to be trained to do this. Trust the Plan?

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