WHO is this ADL??? “ADL fights all forms of antisemitism and bias, using innovation and partnerships to drive impact. A global leader in combating antisemitism, countering extremism and battling bigotry wherever and whenever it happens, ADL works to protect democracy and ensure a just and inclusive society for all.” OH REALLY NOW!!! I am hearing about them with Elon Musk, Kyrie and Ye. DID we elect the ADL???? Do we need people telling us what to do???? WE KNOW what to do. WE change the minds and the HEARTS of People through conversations and teaching compassion. And if everyone cannot come to the same conclusion they will part ways and they have the right to think their own thoughts. WE don’t need the ADL. We don’t need Bullies. It is a form of Discrimination and Hate against your fellow man to Chastise them as if they were children. We are Adults. TAKE THE GLOBAL ADL AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!!!! WE ARE CAPABLE OF COUNTERING EXTREMISM OURSELVES…..I HAVE NEVER ENCOUNTERED ANTI SEMITISM OR RACISM!!!! And I am capable of straightening out anyone who tries it!!!!!!!! This is more a group who wants to Social Engineer people so they all think the same!!!! NO THANK YOU!!!! FUCK THIS ADL!!!!!!!!!!!! Go AWAY!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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