I am sorry for your loss Elon but Americans have a reason to be skeptical of Tragic Events in America, A Sandy Hook DAD stepped up to the microphone LAUGHING and then turned boldfaced and tried to be upset. All we get are more rules, laws and wacky social programs when they set up these fake events. HELLO!!!!!! 3,000 lives were snuffed out and what did our Government do, Send our people to war and all they got was a lousy Wounded Warrior Program. Wow, a round of golf with Bush, maybe a badge and a Wounded Warrior coffee cup. This is what we have been reduced to!!!!!!!! If it looks, sheds and crawls like a snake, ITS A SNAKE!!! SANDY HOOK was STRANGE to say the least and I love children. I think the people who did Sandy Hook are the ones who hate Children and owe AMERICANS MONEY, BIG MONEY. This is all going to turn bad for the Manipulators. AMERICANS HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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