Day: November 21, 2022

When the cover up is so obvious, whatever someone doesn’t want seen becomes seeable. Those hiding something have no other recourse than to Deny, Deny, Deny. Hunter’s Laptop from hell is instrumental in the Takedown of America. All the Foreign money connections are not only Treasonous to our Country as a whole, they are an Affront to every single American who has willingly participated in the System. They did so out of trust and the goodness of men who they thought genuinely wanted to be elected to make their lives better. Instead what they have gotten is A Government full of Demons who prey on Children, Lie and Steal. The important word I used was WILLINGLY. Without the consent of THE PEOPLE, The Traitors could not of executed their unfathomable acts of Sabatoge upon a great Country. Until present day, a bend of the knee became a silent message to the DC PILLAGERS that WE The People Don’t really Care how destructive they are to our Country. BUT, now we see what has truly been going on and how deceived we have been. Everything has become SEEABLE! The people will no longer abide by mismanaged money that they have a stake in. The forfeiture of equal Justice under the rule of Law is unacceptable. We stand UNITED as Americans! We want you all to leave your posts. THE TIME IS NOW. The Time Is Now News

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