We are in Dark Times. People will pay for what they have done. We KNOW DC INVESTIGATIONS will do nothing. There will be no Nuremberg 2. They are herding the sheep. ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN STOP THIS. Innocent people are in a Gulag in DC for doing NOTHING. Children are dying. Twitter doesn’t matter. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO LIGHT BANTER ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Social Media and Media on Mainstream news and controlled opposition have brought The People to this HELL ON EARTH where Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths are spouting shit out of their mouths that are killing people. And those telling the TRUTH HAVE BEEN CENSORED!!!! To hell with Bloomberg, NBC, CNN, NPR. They lie and take MONEY to deceive The People! How much will THE PEOPLE take???? Brazil has formed massive Groups of People. They can STORM Buildings. They have rope. They have weapons. An eye for an eye. They will keep coming for The people so The people had better get ready. Only One side will win. And the Top of the Pyramid need to go first. All the Leaders. Night is falling quickly. No one will look for those who do what needs to be done. It won’t matter who.