PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK WARNS OF LOSING ‘ANCHOR’ (CONTROL) WITHOUT CBDC. — Christine Lagarde = International Monetary Fund = UKRAINE!!!!!!!! The International Monetary Fund IS THE LAUNDERMAT FOR Tax Dollars and Printed Money that is put into the ” TRUST ” and Taken out and MOVED to those who POSE as Government Elected officials. From there the Wheels are GREASED. The Cheating Elected Government are the middle men who get a BIG CUT from the Ukraine TRUST. Who has participated in this Robbery? Everyone all over the globe. They will not tell you but ALL GOVERNMENTS are hanging by a thread because UKRAINE and the Laptop from Hell is being exposed. Hunter had Banking interactions from this TRUST on his laptop. The Time Is Now News. click on to see video…

“If we are not involved in experimenting in innovating in terms of digital central bank money, we risk losing the role of anchor that we have played for many, many decades,” fretted Christine Lagarde.

“Do we want to go back to those days [of free banking]? Probably not. I would say certainly not from our vantage point.”

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