I want Joey Biden tested for signs that he was Really Fake Vaccinated!!!!!!!! Luiferase, Bluetooth NOW!!!! Are there 5G Towers near the WH, Bidens’ Delaware Home, Beach House, The Capitol?? The Supreme Court????? Do some Research and let’s find out where are the 5G towers are near Gates House, His Kids universities, NWO building. Facebook Headquarters, Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s House? Klaus’s House? Do the Rothschilds get Fake Vaccines and have 5G all over the grounds?????????? Is it because their heads look like Footballs so they do not have to have Poisonous things around them? Why do Gates Kids get NO VACCINES, EVER??????????? Was the Fake Covid told to not go near Gates 3 OLDER Children, Why was one married with a WEDDING when no one else could have weddings and funerals???????? WHY???????? Are they mandated to get the FAKE VACCINE to attend SCHOOL????? Did the Gates Divorce to HIDE MONEY AND ASSETS?????????? DO SOME RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!

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