Check Trump’s Bluetooth address. He should have signs of being Fake Vaccinated. Luiferase should light up under a black/blue light. Let’s see who’s lying. DID BIDEN LIE? WHO LIED and said they got the fake vaccine and booster???????? WHO???????? WHO??????????? Who told everyone Warp Speed to get the killer Fake Vaccine and then said THEY got it but LIED! Who is out golfing while people, children, babies drop dead???????? Who is enjoying their Country Club while people SUFFER because of THEM?????? WHO????? WHO???? WHO????? Does a PSYCHOPATH CARE about others?????????? NO they say the words but have no meaning behind them. They cast Spells but have NO FEELINGS THEMSELVES! Would a PSYCHOPATH MENTAL person give people poison and then go golfing????? Think about it. Who needs to be punished? ALL the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together Again!

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