The GOVERNMENTS have failed THE PEOPLE. Laws are no longer followed. We live in a lawless society and all the Government does is steal the people’s money and kill them with Poison drugs and Radiation 5G weapons. THAT’S IT. Elections are Meaningless. Kari Lake can whine all she wants, it means nothing to be fake elected to ANY position! Democrats are done. Republicans are done. Independents are done. The Dollar is now backed by NOTHING, no Petrol, no Gold. It is out there hanging by a thread, in the wind. People are dropping dead from a Fake Vaccine that Trump and Biden promoted. These are our last two selected Presidents. There will be no more. America has been scorched with the Gas of Mentally Unstable, Robotic Front men who carried out Satan’s wishes. Satan cannot carry out these wicked deeds himself. He cannot sacrifice someone, he cannot cause pain and suffering, so he Bribes Weak People with earthly riches or some success and gets THEM to do his bidding. Satan CANNOT be a GOOD, USEFUL HUMAN BEING so he is mad. He recruits pitiful People and they think he likes them. He hates them, He knows they are Feeble and unworthy of his admiration. But they are DECEIVED and will rot in Hell. Satan doesn’t care. The People know who their Enemy is. They are coming for those who turned on their fellow Human Beings.

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