Remember how the first time you heard of something shocking it had a profound effect on you. After that you may have heard of it again and again but the shock began to wear off. THIS IS WHAT THE PSYCHOPATHS ARE DOING TO THE PEOPLE! OVER TIME THEY HAVE leaked information out through Controlled Opposition pretending that it was NOT suppose to be leaked but it was anyway. This way the Brain got IMMUNE to horrifying thoughts and images and the shock needed to spur spontaneous Action against subhuman rituals was no longer effective. THIS IS HOW THE PSYCHOPATHS TRAIN THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC. They themselves CONTROL the flow of information, from all sides. At some point The Public has heard the same talking points of something like child ritual abuse so many times it loses its value to spur instant anger and retaliation, it becomes, in essence, old news. THIS is a time tested proven theory on how to introduce depraved aspects into society. Think of the people who for years have told you what was coming. By the time what they said was coming, came, you were already hardened to those events. It is a way TO PREPARE YOU AND AT THE SAME TIME GAUGE YOUR REACTION to how you will act when these specific hidden atrocities come out in the mainstream. This is why No One DOES anything to counter the ABUSE on the World people. They are USING the message that Digital Soldiers are getting out the information needed to correct the World, BUT They are DRAGGING their HEELS and putting a Veil between the knowing and not knowing by letting people become ACCUSTOMED to the ways of Satan. It will take Strong Minds and Methodical Skills to do what needs to be done. BREAK FREE FROM THE CHAINS THAT BIND YOU! FREE YOUR MIND!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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