LISTEN TO ME!!!!! When you watch a MOVIE with Actors, the movie might have violence and deaths in it, BUT WHEN THE MOVIE IS FINISHED AND YOU LOOK AROUND, THERE ARE NO DEAD BODIES! THIS IS NOT A MOVIE WE THE PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! THEY ARE PRETENDING THIS IS JUST ANOTHER CROOKED ELECTION. THEY WANT YOU TO FORGET WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU. THEY ARE BRAINWASHING YOU WITH POLITICS AND ” NEWS STORIES” ABOUT TRUMP VS DESANTIS. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MANY ARE DYING SUDDENLY!!!!!!!!! They know you will come for them. AND YOU WILL!!!!! KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE! They are killing you. Even the ones who act like they want you to forget what they did, they are still killing you. Break the spell! Break the spell! Break the spell!

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