Day: November 8, 2022

ARE you telling me that DC could not have shut down illegal lockdowns, mandates and poisonous fast tracked FAKE VACCINES???? REALLY???? And are you telling me that ” Republicans” believe that today will make everything alright? ARE you telling me that THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO POISONED YOU AND NOW DIED SUDDENLY IS ” TRENDING” BECAUSE OF THEM, ARE GOING TO HELP YOU? THE FAKE, SICK MEDIA TAKES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM George Soros AND OTHERS TO LIE TO YOU. EVERYDAY. THERE IS NO COVID. THE FAKE VACCINES KILL. THERE, was that so hard MSM??? There is something wrong with Trump. He is either incredibly stupid or incredibly evil. The Father of the Fake vaccines that are maiming and killing children and people wants your ear to tell you some more Fucked up nonsensical Bullshit. Orators who talk your ear off usually are trying to convince you of something. The Truth is simple and takes no time at all. Repeating is a form of hypnosis. YOU WILL LIKE ME EVEN THOUGH I PUSHED FOR POISON FAKE VACCINES! DC are killers in SUITS! The only people elected to office should be REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!! When will you learn? They are with the NWO and are committing Genocide. They were EXEMPT from taking the fake Vaccine because they know it is poison and they know there was NO COVID!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!! R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. Do not contribute to the death of more people by taking part in their VOTING Ritual. It is a smokescreen to keep you from looking at their Culling of The People. You will be hit with 5G wherever the polls are to weaken you and increase the bad effects of the Graphene in the Fake Vaccines! This has all been planned. You are under a spell! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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