Trump is a paradox laden strange person. He said if he walked down the New York streets and killed a man for no reason with a gun, no one would care. It is like Stockholm Syndrome for many people to hear words of comfort and hope from someone who has taken over their minds and are killing them with Poison. Why do the Republicans stay SILENT about the killer Vaccines? Are they the GOOD GUYS???? No they are not. Not one GOVERNMENT WORKER has RALLIED for the innocent babies and people who are maimed and KILLED from Fake Vaccines they themselves were EXEMPT from taking!!!!!!!! They will do NOTHING after the elections!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!! Q already FAILED to do what they said they would do. The Time Is Up !!!! The Elections will not be fair and nothing will change afterwards no matter who gets elected. DO YOU WANT TO LIVE OR DO YOU WANT A RED/BLUE WAVE???? YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT.