Have you noticed no one running for office talks about the Fake Covid or the Killer Fake Vaccine? They want people to ignore the deaths, the sickness these injections have caused while they had EXEMPTIONS FROM GETTING THE FAKE VACCINE KILL SHOT!!!!! WHAT WOULD HEALTHY THINKING ADULTS DO IN THIS SITUATION???? Destroy the polls? Go after the insane people in DC who are working with the NWO? The Media is STILL NOT REPORTING THE DEATHS AND INJURIES!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO the HATE for these Media people, celebrities and Politicians, Doctors, nurses is slowly simmering! Twitter is a Diversion. IT’s all a Diversion. When will the MILITARY stand with THE PEOPLE????????? When will the 5G towers be destroyed???? WHERE ARE THE MEN????? WHERE ARE THE MEN????? WHERE ARE THE MEN?????

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