We are reaching the tipping point as more children and adults DIE from the fake vaccine. Retribution is coming for all the Fake Authoritarians who pushed this culling. They will not LIVE to see TRANSHUMANISM, Digital money, credit systems, cricket food, fake climate change, electric fucking cars. All their efforts have been in vain. They are not fooling the masses with their Twitter wars or anything else. Revenge wins every time when murder is being done on a mass scale. Every fucking 5G tower, every fucking Fake vaccine, every Fucking Billion dollar mason will Burn to the ground. Elon Musk says NOTHING about the killing Fake vaccines, what does that tell you. His mother is a nut job. They look possessed. He owns nothing, he visits with the government. He wants to kill you. They all want to kill you. Trump has been a wild card. Twitter is a False Flag Meant to Divide people…..again. Their sorry asses cannot come up with anything else. The Elections represent their loss of power. Watch and see where this goes.

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