I KNOW we have to be skeptical of anyone who comes along and says they want to help The People. We are like wounded soldiers, abused by an enemy we once trusted, our own Government. The Abuse that The People have had to endure leaves it’s imprint but with God’s help, it will be short-lived. I know of the things that might go wrong BUT I pray that someone like Elon Musk has a heart that cares about The People as well as a Strong Constitution to right the wrongs that this new opportunity affords him. This glimpse into what could be has also highlighted the Cowardly ” Truth News” wimps who built an audience and money while sidestepping the REAL ISSUES killing people. As they gloat over their FAKE new found freedom to tell the TRUTH, let THE PEOPLE NEVER FORGET that the far right produced their own Fake News. They remained on you Tube and Twitter as they became twins with the Mainstream Media. TIMMY TIMIDS and all their cronies should be ASHAMED of themselves. Oh NOW they can say CERTAIN words!!!!!! NO THEY COULD ALWAYS SAY THOSE WORDS!!!!!! SILENCE IS COMPLIANCE!!!!!! We know the almighty dollar and fake fame rules these WIMPS!!!!! It is all coming to light!!!!!!! We can pray for Good to come from all this evil. THE TIME IS NOW

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