They are making Everyone consent to them using cookies to grab your data. Where you go on the internet, what you look at, and say. If you don’t they will not let you into the site. This is happening all of a sudden. WHY? WHY are they forcing you to relinquish your privacy? This is all part of getting you used to their invading your space. They are accelerating their NWO PLAN! Take a good long look at where we are. We went through LOCKDOWNS like we WERE CRIMINALS. THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS!!!!! THEY FORCED YOUR CHILDREN TO TAKE POISON AND CUT OFF THEIR OXYGEN WITH DIRTY MASKS!!!! For a COLD VIRUS that couldn’t be seen and had no symptoms! WHAT are we morons to them?????? Yes WE ARE!!!!!! THE Fake Vaccines are LETHAL INJECTIONS!!!!! THEY should all BE IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR FUCKING CASH!!!! Take back your DIGNITY and MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!!!! DO NOT DO ONE MORE THING THEY TELL YOU TO DO!!!! They have LIED and MURDERED so they CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!! Make your own communities and Wake Everyone Up!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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