I know that Twitter is the big story right now. But what about the Fake Vaccines that are maiming and killing people? Twitter is a Data Center just like the other Social Media Sites. What if the Twitter Employees have to work like the working class have always worked, hard and long hours? Would this actually be a start of the REAL divide between the New World Order and the slaves. There will be no one left in a Commie society that lives like the Twitter Employees have been living. They will have to work to collect Data and their cushy work environment will cease to exist. Maybe Musk is a humanitarian who just happens to want neurolinks in everybody’s head for the Internet of Bodies! Will every workplace resemble 1984? If the ” conservatives” think they will get a voice on Twitter, what do they think their ” dissident” voices will trigger in the Credit Social System the NWO is acquiring? It is not by chance that PayPal and Twitter is in the headlines. Musk wants X, a one conglomerate Social, Financial Entity that replaces all the others. Be Careful What You Wish For. Wishes are of the Devil. The Time Is Now News

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